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Using The Shred Zeppelin Tubeless Plug Applicator

1. Unscrew the tapered end of the Shred Zeppelin and thread it into the rear of the CO2 regulator to create a handle for the tubeless plug applicator.


2. Thread the provided tubeless plug into the applicator prong. Fold the two ends into the cavity. You can now plug your tyre by pushing the prong into the cut in the tyre, gently pull out the prong leaving the plug in the tyre.

Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 12.40.54.png

Using The Shred Zeppelin CO2 Regulator

​1. Unscrew the CO2 regulator from the rest of the Shred Zeppelin. Screw the CO2 cartridge into the regulator fully.


2. Screw the regulator and CO2 cartridge onto the tubeless valve. Unscrew the CO2 cartridge to start the flow of CO2. The flow can be controlled or stopped by screwing the CO2 cartridge into the regulator.


Warning: CO2 cartridges are very high pressure and can cause injury or death if used incorrectly. Do not hold the CO2 cartridge with bare hands when in use as it can burn skin.

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